Tired of not knowing WTF the last 5 hours of work went?

Joystick gamifies your own productivity by tracking your screen time and buckets your time spent into categories. Using AI, joystick will provide you daily reports on what exactly you've learned and accomplished.


All of your data is stored on your personal device, cloud integration not required, no data is shared with Joystick

Screen Time Reporting

Map application usage to certain categories and get insights on your working patterns.

Work Reports generated by AI

Joystick monitors your device activies and generates reports on your daily summaries on what you've accomplished.

Demo Video

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For individuals and non-commercial use

AI Summary

2 hours of tracking per day



For small teams and startups

AI Summary

Unlimited tracking

Your productivity data is only visible from your device, no one else in your team can see your data

Weekly accomplishment reports via Email / Slack



For enterprises and large teams.

AI Summary

Unlimited tracking

Configurable level of data visibility across employees in your enterprise

Weekly accomplishment reports via Email / Slack